50T/H-80T/H Stone crushing line

50T/H-80T/H Stone crushing plant is used to crush stone with less than 425mm,such as hard limestone,granite,basalt,pebble. Product with various sizes can be made according to customers’special requirements in hydroelectric station,building materials,highway,railway,urban construction,etc. Impact crusher can be replaced by cone crusher according to customers’requirement or hardness of stone.

No.EquipmentModelMotor (KW)Number
 HopperLC3000X4000 1
IVribrating FeederGZD900x380061
IIJaw CrusherPE500x750551
IIIImpact CrusherPF1010751
Vribrating Screen3YK1548151
No.NameLength (m)Motor (KW)Number
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