Metal Crusher

Scrap metal is recognized as an ideal raw material for steelmaking. Metal crusher is an indispensable equipment for providing qualified scrap metal raw materials for steel mills. Metal crusher is a subversive innovation of the traditional scrap metal processing equipment, which uses the combination of hammer tearing and ring hammer rubbing to achieve decontamination, compaction and shaping.

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Metal crusher application

It is mainly applied to the large-scale reclamation depot and used to break the cans into ideal pellets,such as drink can,beer can, lulu can mill red bull drink cans, oil barrel, paint cans, powdered milk cans etc, so that the transport cost can be reduced. The users can adopt diffierent allocations according to the materials species, scale,and the requirements of the finished goods.This machine can make the can become spheroidso that the transportation expenses can be greatly reduced.

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Metal crusher construction features

1. Driven by the reducing motor.
2. Engagement type cutting blade, which can smash the cans completely.
3. Using the special cutting blade,and the hardness is not less than HRC55.(the HRC hardness of the files set is 51).
4. Strengh structure,densely and enhanced gusset, which can ensure the strong of the case.
5. Controlled by the automized buttons, it is very safe and convenient.
6. Security identifier and mark, which can ensure the safety of the operation.
7. The conveyer belt can be added extra to feed materials.

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Process flow of Metal crusher

1. The whole production line consists of feeding conveyor, crusher mainframe, discharging conveyor, magnetic separation conveyor, distributor conveyor, dust removal and operation cabinet.
2. The crushed materials from scrap crusher are separated from non-ferrous metals and non-metallic substances by vibration conveyor, belt conveyor and magnetic separation system, and sent to the stack by their respective conveyors.
3. Non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials in the conveyor will be searched by magnetic separation equipment again, and free iron metals will be picked out, so as to improve the recovery rate of iron metals. At the same time, non-ferrous metals can be selected by eddy current separator, which can improve the recovery  efficiency.
4. The whole broken line is controlled by computer and PLC, which can realize computer control and manual operation.

If you want to learn more about our metal crusher or metal shredder, Leave a Message!

If you want to learn more about our metal crusher or metal shredder, Leave a Message!

Metal Crusher Technical Parameter

ModelPower (kw)Applied rangeRotary speed (r/min)Capacity (kg/h)Overall size (mm)Weight (t)
JS80037-55Cans, Sheet iron, Lightweight Metals1250700-10003800*1600*18003.2
JS100045-55Small metal packing material, Cans, Scrap metal1250800-15002560*1800*22007.6
JS130090-150Medium-sized scrap metal blocks such as bicycles, motorcycles and battery cars8602000-40004000*2300*280011.5
JS1600110-240Medium scrap metal blocks such as automobile cutting parts and paint buckets7504000-100004800*2900*320016.6
JS1800150-320Scrap cars and other large scrap metal blocks6508000-120005000*3200*340028.6
JS2000220-380Scrap cars and other large scrap metal blocks6508000-120005000*3200*340031.5
JS2400290-400Large metal packing material, car shell65015000-210006500*4200*380036.3
JS2800320-460Various scrap metals65019000-240005000*5200*410048.2
JS3000360-480Various scrap metals65024000-280005000*7200*550075.8

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Packaged with exporting wooden/plywood case. And the package can be customized.

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