Double Roll Crusher

Double roll crusher is a relatively old crushing equipment. After numerous upgrades and transformations, the manufacturing process is more mature. The equipment has a simple structure and less over-crushing. The tooth shape, size and arrangement on the roller surface can be changed according to the nature of the material. It can be used for medium and fine crushing of medium-hard and soft ores. For example, in a sulfuric acid plant, a pair of roller crushers are usually used to crush pyrite ore once, so that the diameter reaches 20 ~ 30mm, and then enter the double roller crusher for secondary Crushing to make the ore diameter below 5mm to meet the requirements of the boiling furnace.

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Working Principle of Double roll crusher

A roll crusher crushes using compression, with two rolls rotating about a shaft, towards the gap between the rolls. The gap between the rolls is set to the size of product desired, with the realization that the largest feed particle can only be 4 times the gap dimension. The particles are drawn into the gap between the rolls by their rotating motion and a friction angle formed between the rolls and the particle, called the nip angle. The two rolls force the particle between their rotating surface into the ever smaller gap area, and it fractures from the compressive forces presented by the rotating rolls.

Performance advantage of Double roll crusher

1. The crushing of the roller crusher is relatively large. When a large crushing ratio is required, the roller crusher can be equipped with an adjustable crushing bar under the two rollers.
2. The roller crusher has a simple structure and a modular structure, which can be installed separately or in combination.
3. It adopts combined crushing instead of impact and striking to break, and does not cause secondary crushing, so the over-grinding rate is extremely low.

If you want to learn more about our doulbe roll crusher and solution, Leave a Message!

If you want to learn more about our doulbe roll crusher and solution, Leave a Message!

Technical data of Double smooth roll crusher

ModelFeeding  size
Discharge size
Overall size

Technical data of Double teeth roll crusher

ModelMax. Feeding size (mm)Discharge size
Overall size

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