Rotary dryer for drying wet distiller’s grains

Drying of wet distiller’s grains is the main way to reuse distiller’s grains. The dried distiller’s grains can be used for feed, fuel, etc. with large market demand and high economic value. The distiller’s grains dryer specially designed by our company according to the characteristics of distiller’s grains is more efficient and energy-saving. The specific features are as follows:

Generally, the process of drying materials by distiller’s grains dryer can be divided into four stages:

A. Preheating and drying stage. The lees materials enter the rotary dryer drum. Under the action of the dispersing device and the lifting plate, the lees materials are in full contact with the high-temperature materials, which not only increases the contact area between the materials and the high-temperature hot air, but also reduces the drying time of the equipment. At this time, the moisture on the surface of the material decreases continuously, the temperature increases gradually, and the moisture on the surface of the material reaches the degree of vaporization. The time of preheating and drying stage is very short, the water evaporates less, and the surface temperature of the material rises to the extent that the water can be vaporized.

B. Constant rate drying stage. In the constant rate drying stage, the drying rate of the material basically remains unchanged. At this time, as the water on the surface of the material evaporates, the internal water content of the material is large, and the internal water gradually transfers to the outside and diffuses to the surface of the material again. At this time, the migration rate of water in the material to the surface can adapt to the evaporation rate of water on the material surface, so that the material surface is always kept wet. At this time, the drying rate and water evaporation rate are in a constant state.

C. Slow down drying stage. As the internal moisture content of the material decreases gradually, the transfer rate of the internal moisture of the material to the surface is lower than the evaporation rate of the surface moisture of the material. At this time, the evaporation amount of the moisture per unit time decreases, the drying rate decreases with the decrease of the moisture content, and the surface temperature of the material gradually begins to rise. In the speed down drying stage, with the operation of the distiller’s grains dryer, the moisture in the material becomes less and less, and the drying rate decreases faster and faster. With the increase of the surface temperature of the material, the drying process enters the critical moisture stage.

D. Critical water cut stage. After the water content of the material reaches the critical water content, the drying of the material is basically completed, and the dry material is discharged from the discharge port of the distiller’s grains dryer. Thus, the whole drying process is completed.

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