What are uses and selection points of vibrating screen in crushing line?

Vibrating screen is mainly responsible for screening and grading materials on the crushing production line, and plays a connecting and transfer role in the whole crushing process. Although the vibrating screen does not look very conspicuous in the whole set of crushing equipment, it is also an indispensable equipment for material crushing operation. Then, what are the specific uses of vibrating screen in gravel operation? How to choose and use? Please see analyze and answer the following questions for you.

一、 What are uses of vibrating screen in crushing operation?

  1. Material pretreatment. The particle size of crushed materials varies greatly as a whole. In order to make the feed particle size meet the standard, screening and classification can be carried out first; For materials with small particle size, they can also be screened once before sand making, so as to preliminarily reduce the mud powder content in the crushed materials.
  2. Secondary screening. After primary crushing and secondary crushing, the materials need to be further screened and graded. If the particle size reaches the treatment standard, it will continue to enter the next stage of crushing or sand making, and if the particle size does not meet the standard, it will continue to be crushed.
  3. Mud powder screening. After sand making, the materials are usually subject to sand washing treatment. The sewage after sand washing is mixed with mud powder. In order to recycle the fine sand and dust lost in the sand washing process, a vibrating screen can be configured to screen and collect the mud powder in the sedimentation tank.

二、 How to select vibrating screen to improve operation efficiency?

There are many types of vibrating screen equipment on the market. With different types of models, the screening efficiency and use value are also different. Here are some suggestions for the actual selection of vibrating screen:

  1. Characteristics of screened materials

When purchasing vibrating screen, the material characteristics of subsequent screening shall be considered in advance, including the requirements for the particle size of the screened material, the content of impurities and other difficult substances in the material, the water content of the material, the appearance shape and specific gravity of the material, the clay content of the easy paste screen hole, etc.

  1. Performance of vibrating screen

The screening efficiency of vibrating screen is closely related to the screen area and number of layers of vibrating screen, the shape, size and area ratio of screen hole, as well as the motion mode, vibration frequency and amplitude of vibrating screen. Generally speaking, the moving screen can make the screened material particles shake on the screen surface in the direction close to the vertical screen hole, improve the material vibration frequency, high screening efficiency and better screening effect; On the contrary, the fixed vibrating screen has low screening efficiency and poor effect.

  1. Requirements of sand making process

When selecting the vibrating screen, it should also be considered according to the overall capacity of the sand production line, screening method, screening efficiency and the inclination angle of the vibrating screen installation. Under the condition of meeting the particle size and output requirements of machine-made sand products, non-metallic screen surface with large screen hole size, large effective screen area, appropriate screen hole shape and high opening rate of screen surface shall be selected as far as possible, and the installation inclination angle of vibrating screen shall be adjusted to 15 degrees, which can effectively improve the effect and efficiency of screening materials.

三、 How much is vibrating screen equipment for crushing and sand making?

The price of vibrating screen equipment is determined by the manufacturer’s type, equipment model, manufacturing process, etc. you need to consult Fodamon personnel for the specific price. Professional engineers design the sand crushing production line scheme for you according to your actual situation and give you an accurate quotation.

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