Ways to reduce the loss of ball mill liner

There are many ways to reduce the wear of the fine abrasive liner of the ball mill, that is, to reduce the abrasive particle size, actively adopt the closed grinding technology, reduce the grinding temperature, adopt the fine grinding bin liner activation technology, adopt the rod grinding technology, and follow the ball mill Fodamon manufacturer to learn about these ways in detail.

a. Actively apply closed-circuit grinding technology

Using closed grinding technology and powder separation equipment, the original basic output can be increased by 30%-40%, the grinding current consumption can be reduced by 3-5kwh/t, and the “filling effect” of circuit materials can effectively reduce the wear of lining plates.

b. Lower grinding temperature

Generally, the feeding methods include cold feed grinding, water spray grinding, etc. The latter has a significant cooling effect.

c. Using the activation technology of fine grinding silo lining

The layout of the village plate in the fine grinding silo has an important impact on the production efficiency of the mill. Using the arrangement and combination of new and old lining plates to achieve the purpose of activation can not only improve the throwing height and the throwing times, but also ensure the fineness qualification rate of the finished product, reduce the wear of the lining plate and prolong the service life.

d. Adopt rod grinding technology

The grinding body used by the mill is a steel rod with good “line contact” with the floor material. The bar load has the special function of “selective” grinding for the material range. In the grinding process, there are many forces such as grinding, pressing, rolling, rolling, grinding and so on, so the grinding efficiency is high.

e. Reduce the particle size of grinding materials

If the particle size of the abrasive material is reduced, the average particle size of the abrasive body and the filling rate in the grinding can be reduced accordingly, which is very beneficial to the protection of the lining plate. From the perspective of energy conservation and consumption reduction, the more materials a pair of lining plates grind within the service life, the lower the wear cost. Production practice shows that the grinding performance can be improved by 30% – 50%, and the power consumption can be reduced by 10% – 20%. The particle size after necessary pretreatment can be reduced to less than 4-6mm, The reduction of the particle size has a certain effect on reducing the wear of the lining plate.

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