Summary of beneficiation process of Quartz Ore

First of all, quartz ore is abundantly divided into three categories: quartz, tridymite, and white silica. The quartz ore beneficiation process is often used in the industry to purify and process it.

The quartz ore beneficiation process has the advantages of mass production, high purity and fast efficiency. The following Fodamon engineer will tell you how to reasonably form a quartz stone beneficiation production line.

All the beneficiation processes are first crushed, then ground, then sorted and separated by magnetic separator and flotation machine, and finally concentrated and dried. Although it will vary according to the actual situation, but It comes down to the key beneficiation steps must be crushing, grinding, sorting (purification), and concentration. The quartz stone beneficiation process also revolves around these steps to sort and purify the quartz stone.

a. Crushing process–type of crushing; jaw crusher, cone crusher and other crushing equipment are used to form the crushing production link, and the quartz ore is crushed to a certain particle size, and the quartz ore particle size can reach 25mm, which is exactly the next step. The feed particle size of the quartz ore ball mill for grinding operations (of course, the crushing particle size is better than 25mm, which is more beneficial to the grinding operation).

b. Grinding process–grinding type; use a special grinding ball mill for quartz ore to grind the crushed quartz ore, after grinding, quartz ore powder within the range of 0.074mm-0.89mm can be obtained, which is convenient for the next step of classification, Purification, in order to achieve the expected grinding quartz ore powder more quickly, the personnel operating the quartz ore ball mill are required to strictly implement the feeding requirements (≤25mm).

c. Purification process–purification types; a purification production line composed of classifiers, magnetic separator and flotation machine is used, and the principle of first roughing and then fine selection is followed. The magnetic separator is used for preliminary sorting, and finally the flotation machine is used to further separate the quartz material from the complex minerals.

d. Concentration process–concentration types; the separated quartz material can be concentrated and dried by using a concentrator and a dryer, and dry and high-purity quartz products can be obtained, which can be directly used in the industrial field.

The quartz beneficiation process is to crush the mined quartz ore. The qualified materials crushed by the crusher are evenly sent to the inside of the quartz ore ball mill through the hoist and ore feeding equipment. The quartz ore ball mill will continue to pulverize and grind the material. , the material ground by the ball mill is sent to the spiral classifier for cleaning and classification, then the magnetic separator is used for preliminary sorting and the flotation machine is used to separate the desired minerals from other substances, and finally the concentrator is used to remove the material contained in the material. The moisture and drying equipment are used to dry the materials, and then the quartz stone raw materials required for production can be obtained.

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