The useful of Stone crusher plant about mining

The ore is exploited of mining. Mostly the mining ore is the lean ore with gangue. So after exploiting the ore from mining. You have to build a crushing plant which include jaw crusher,impact crusher to crush the big size ore to be proper size. About the stone crusher,you should be accroding to your situation to make the dicision. The other small part is rich ore with mineral. For metallurgy industry,because the grade of useful content of this lean ore is low,it’s composing is complicated. IF adopt smelting to extract metal,the energy consumption will be big,the cost will be high. So in order to be more economic about exploiting,and use the low grade ore,extend the resource of the ore material. The ore before smelting has to go through separation and enrichment,then can discard the gangue mostly which to make the useful mineral content reach the requirement of smelting.

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