The usage attention of rotary drier

FDM absorb advanced experience both here and abroad, optimization design precision manufacturing, constantly bring forth new ideas, produced various models of jaw crusherImpact Crusher, PCL vertical shaft impact crusher machineCone CrusherHammer CrusherBall MillRotary kiln,Rotary DrierVibrating feederVibrating screenBelt Conveyor etc specialized mining machinery and equipment.
Drier is commonly machine used in drying operations with a large number of materials, selection reasonable of the dryer could to save investment, lower operating costs, to ensure product quality, to obtain maximum economic benefits. The following are the general principles of drying equipment selection:
1. Applicability, namely it’s better to make a material drying experiment before lectotype, to meet the basic requirements of drying material, and to satisfy handling capacity, dehydrated level, quality of product etc respect basic demand.
2. Priority selection the drying installation of simple structure, spare parts in abundant supply, high reliability and longe-lived.
3. Low running costs, namely equipment depreciation, dissipation energy, cost of labor used, maintenance expense, spare parts cost etc operating cost should be as low as possible.
4. Low energy consumption, namely different drying methods on different energy targets, generally transfer models drying thermal efficiency stone scrubber accessibility 100% theoretically, convection type drying only around 70%.
5. According to the local average annual air temperature, humidity, Installation site size to choose the right size of dryer.

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