The installation and maintenance of Sand production line

Sand production line equipment is the essential step to compound the concrete, complete set of crushing machine including feeding, jaw crusher and impact crusher to crush, vibrating screen to screen, belt conveyor to convey, sand washer to wash and electrical control equipment, widely used in railway, highway, electricity and urban construction and other industries. Complete set of stone production line equipment of installation and current maintenance can be avoided short-circuit in the production process if you do it well, thereby improve the efficiency of the production.
First step you’d better in-depth look at the installation of stand production line whole equipment. The installation of sand production line equipment must be under the technical staff’s guide. Correct installation is the important step of daily production for sand production line equipment, the correct installation procedures of sand production line equipment is following;
1.this equipment should be installed on the foundation of level concrete, use the foundation bolt to fixation.
2.When installed you must pay more attention to the host better vertical with level.
3.After installed you’d better inspection every part of bolt whether it’s looseness, and whether the door of host is fasten, if not please fasten it.
4.In the light of equipment motive power configured power cord and control switch.
5.After inspection, test the machine with no load, if it is normal then you can production.
Secondly, the daily inspection of sand production line equipment focuses on several parts.
1.the bearing shoulder the whole load of machine, so the good lubrication has a great relation with the bearing, it direct influence the service life and running efficiency of machine, therefore required the oil must be clearer and seal must be good, the main oiling the machine at; bearing, rollers bearings, all gear and activities bearings, sliding plane.
2.Newly installed tires prone to loosening must be checked regularly.
3.Note that all parts of machine whether worked well.
4.Note inspect the wear degree of wear part, replace the worn part at all time.
5.Bearing temperature rise, you should better stop the machine at once to inspect.
Only do the better of above parts, can guarantee the sand production line equipment safe and effective process of the work. The sand production line equipment of FDM has many advantages such as high degree of automation, particle size can be adjusted, high crushing rate, energy, high yield and so on.

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