The application description of cone crusher

According to the usable range of cone crusher, can be divided into coarse crushing, secondary crusher machine, fine crushing. Coarse crushing is also called gyratory crusher; secondary crusher and fine crusher is also known as bacterial type cone crusher. The serviceable range of cone crusher as described below. We can from the current home small crusher machinery industry to see that foreign small crusher machinery industry has a lot are worth to reference and learning. Face the natural environment for the harmonious development, required the small crusher more”energy saving and environmental protection”. With the help of various advanced technology small crusher craft to continue develop on mode, resources, processes, organizations, so that the small crusher in the whole life cycle produced the environmental pollution and environmental damage is minimized. Under the impact, the materials of crushed often along its most vulnerable levels of fragmentation, this selective crushing method, the particles high probability into a cube shape, therefore, the impact crusher percentage of flakiness product can be less than 10%, while, the jaw crusher, cone crusher and double roll crusher and other crusher the percentage of flakiness product are high.

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