The effect of industrial residue recycling for cement industry

Cement industry is our country’s basic industries, also is our country an industry possess resources, market and technology etc advantages in the international competition, has good prospects for development. With the State Development and Reform Commission issued a series of to strengthen eliminate backward production capacity of enterprises measures, cement industry is in extreme misery, some cement companies have started looking for a way out. In this context, make use of carbide, steel slag, construction waste, slag and other industrial waste develop a circular economy to become a new development approach of cement industry.
Crusher machine and flour mill and other equipment is requisite in the processing of industrial waste, this also made a higher demand ​​for crushing equipment manufacturers. According to the information, China’s industrial waste slag dedicated crushing equipment market is not mature, in the cement industry set off the wave of industrial waste comprehensive utilization of resources have emerged a number of reliable quality’s equipment, technologically advanced crushing equipment manufacturer, FDM is a leader in these enterprises. FDM is a manufacturers with twenty years wealth production experience, it produces jaw crusherimpact crushercone crusherball mill, super pressure trapezium mill and other equipment is widely used in recycling of industrial waste, and play a significant role. In the recycling of industrial waste, FDM not only help cement companies to find new growth points, but also help cement companies to adjust the industrial structure, let it from the high energy consumption, high pollution’s traditional industries turn to clean and efficient modern industrial.

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