The brief of vertical shaft impact crusher development

In recent decades, with the development of mining industry, The rise of the laminate crusher used in the design study of the impact crusher at home and abroad, has made remarkable research results, developed a set of high-frequency pendulum, optimized cavity shape and reasonable stroke in one of modern high-energy impact crusher machine. However, based on the traditional theory of fragmentation, cannot to advance simulation analysis particle size of product to distribute of the impact crusher based on laminated crushing principle.
To improve the level of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, to improve the domestic impact stone crusher performance, FDM has been carried out analog experiment for the interparticle breakage process of impact crusher, build shattering process to choose functional model and crushing functional model, to achieve digital simulation analysis of a particle size distribution of broken, developed a new type 5X series of high efficiency centrifugal impact rock crusher.
New type 5X series of high efficiency centrifugal impact crusher is FDM imported from Germany latest technology, the latest generation products with a number of their own patented products. Its design made speed, stroke and type of crushing chamber has been optimized combination, to achieve intergranular lamination break, significantly increase production, shape of the product has been greatly improved, after the deep cavity rotor is optimized design, the through put of materials increased about 30%, Combined hammer design, to lower use-cost.

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