The domestic situation of jaw crusher design

Jaw crusher with its convenient operation, simple structure, low investment in equipment and other excellent performance, has long been widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, railway and many other industries, and based on the current situation jaw crusher machine has been expanding range of applications, and its prospects are very optimistic. After several years of development, China jaw crusher already has excellent skills, but with the advanced countries there are still some gaps, especially in the design methods still traditional, currently many crushing manufacture and design unit also adopt the handmade and two dimensional CAD design. Compared with foreign advanced manufacture and design methods, jaw crusher in three dimensional modeling, dynamic analysis and other sides really exist a big gap. As far as new type of jaw crusher, in its design development introduced in dynamic design technique, make the new type jaw crusher design research phase into based on three dimensional, dynamic analysis and advanced finite element analysis software as a means of dynamic design stage, has very important practical significance and strategic significance.

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