The basic characteristics of ore grinding in feldspar beneficiation

Feldspar mineral grinding required depending on the separation request and mill grinding combination. Generally based on the number of segments into first stage, secondary and multi-stage grinding process.

The first stage mill grinding process. Usually constitute a closed loop. The ore directly fed into the mill. The most suitable feeding size generally 6-20mm. The discharge after mill grinding then fed into classification to be separated most qualified particles. The unqualified particles will return to the mill for secondary grinding. Check the spiral classifier and ball mill’s closed work. On the one hand, could control the maximum size of discharge. On the other hand, due to the presence of circulating load, could increase quantity of the ore which per unit time pass the ball mill. Shorten the ore’s passing time, thereby reducing over crushed phenomenon, and could improve grinding efficiency.

The first stage grinding process use a small number of spiral classifier, low investment, simple configuration, easy to adjust, no need that transportation of the intermediates between stage and stage. Several series of grinding machine can be placed on the same level. The device configuration is simple,  will not affect another mill grinding segment’s work due to that one ball mill or spiral classifier shut down.  Every series could install larger device. But the range of feeding size of the ball mill is very wide. Reasonable feeding ball which is hard, low grinding efficiency. In the first stage of grinding process, the  classification overflow fineness that generally  below -200 mesh about 60%, not easy to get finer final product.

Generally, require the ore size after grinding bigger than 0.2-0.015mm (-200 mesh 60%-70%), then should adopt the first grinding stage. In the small ore  beneficiation factory, in order to simplify the mill grinding process and device  configuration, when require the grinding size to be -200 mesh 80%, also could adopt the first grinding process stage.

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