The development of FDM jaw crusher

FDM has been hammer at the development and manufacture of mining machinery for the past many years, by virtue of their high quality service and good product quality to win the trust of customers, FDM development & production’s Jaw Crusher is the most widely used Crusher Machine at the present time, this machine possess the merit of great breaking ratio, finished goods particle size uniform, Low operation cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc. Especially in the design and production of large jaw stone crusher, FDM has been the leading domestic level. Jaw Crusher is mainly used in the first crushing process in the crushing production line, can be used alone, also can complete a set to use with other crushed product.
In our daily, concentration plant or sand and gravel plants most used in the production is jaw crusher. Compared with impact crusher,hammer crusher,cone crusher and so on, jaw crusher have low cost, high efficiency etc advantage. Jaw crusher requirements of wear is very high, the material generally used is high wear-resistant manganese steel liner. When jaw crusher working, the two jaw plates inside its crushing chamber, one jaw plate is fixed also called stationary jaw, its upper extreme forth slightly and fixed on the anterior of Crusher machine cavity, the other jaw plate is activities back and forth we called mobile jaw, position oblique, Coincides with the fixed jaw plate to form a ladder big end up crushing cavity.

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