Investment Analysis of Mining Machinery Industry from 2011 to 2015

Since 2000, the market demand of mining machinery products which include jaw crusher,impact crusher,cone crusher and other stone crusherball mill,drier have been exuberant under the pull of he domestic basic industries and infrastructure development, gross value of industrial output and sales growth rate have been stable in 32%-40%. Market demand is driving the economic growth of mining machinery manufacturing industry, meanwhile, it also promote the industry’s technological progress. A number of major new products that own independent intellectual property rights appear. The successful developing of these major new products make positive contribution to national economy construction, narrow the gap between the advanced countries and improve the ability to participate in international competition. China mining machinery industry is playing a more and more important role in the international mining construction.

In the current environment, the demand for energy of economic development is more urgent than ever, the mine construction climax and mining equipment market “hot” due to these demands also attract people’s attention. I n 2010, Chinese large-scale infrastructure construction continues to stride forward, greatly boosting the demand of construction stone , other building materials and so on. While the well developing trend of stone market directly pull the developing of various types of rock mine development. During the next three years, more rock ore for building will be approved for the construction, it is benefited for the developing of mining machinery, large quantities of newly-built rock ore will boost the mining machinery to a new development period.

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