The detailed description of roller crusher

The operation of roller crusher;
1.In order to ensure that the maximum yield of roll crusher, feeding must be continuous and uniform distribution in the full length of the roller.
2.When the roll crusher machine working you should be regularly check whether the material clogging the mouth. And stop feeding before you should stop the motor working, when the material falls completely, when the roller becomes the idle, stop the motor.
3.If along the length of roller feeding uneven, not only the roller surface wear faster, but also every ports wear uneven, will appear circular groove, the destruction of normal crushing working, destroy the product size. So except the roll crusher for coarse crushing, secondary crusher and fine crushing usually are all have a feeder, to promise that the feeding is continuous and uniform, and the length are equal between feeder and roller.
4.Roll crusher of reasonable maintaining and correct use, can guarantee the long term operation, reduce the parking time. Only the normal management and daily inspection the normal work of roll crusher, so to prevent the failures, ensure its continuous operation.
So operator should note following
1.You should ensure every parts must be fastening bolt when roll crusher normal operation.
1.Before working you must start the roll crusher first, after the rotate speed is normal then feeding the machine. The procedure of stop machine is contrary.
2.Check the discharge opening of roll crusher regularly, when it was clog you must clean it as coon as possible.
3.Inspect the wear degree of roll crusher quick wear part regularly, pay attention to replacement of worn parts at any time.
4.Roll crusher can’t overload when it working, should always pay attention to the roll crusher electric instruments.
5.You should oil the bearing timely when roll crusher is working, pay more attention to the bearing whether it oil leak.
6.When roll crusher is working , you’d better control the temperature of bearing.
Roll crusher maintenance;
1.When roll crusher is working, you need to repair the roll surface usually.
2.Roll crusher some times has a wheel on the stander, when the roll surface pits or grooves milled, can not tear down the roll surface and repair it on the machine.
3.Truss plate or ring of roll crusher can be replace or turnaround. When the teeth wear to a certain extent, must be replaced or repaired, otherwise it will lead to product size uneven, power consumption increasing, production decline and other issues.
4.Some roll crusher of machine is also equipped with welding equipment, directly on the machine for repair.
5.After the roll surface wear, increase the width of discharging opening, need to adjust the roll of activities. When adjustment you need pay more attention to keep the two rollers parallel to each other, to prevent skewing.

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