Attention of rotary dryer improvement

It needs to provide professional dust removal and airing equipment for the drying system.First, because the ability of airing is the hub to promise the output of rotary dryer, it needs to according to some factors such as the characteristic of air stove, inner structure of rotary dryer, equipment hour output and device’s air leak rate to match blowing rate and wind pressure fairly. Second, the dust catch for the new style dryer must can promise the non mess of blowing rate and wind pressure. That is to say, the dust catch can adapt to the characteristics of high water, high dust density, strong dust adsorbability and big change of waste gas’s temperature of dryer. It should be strict in the aspects of filter materials, the choice of frame, the design of wind speed, the time and strong of deashing, antiseptic and keep warm, prevent burning bag and dewing. So when choosing the dust catcher of dryer system, it must choose professional dust catcher to promise use function.
The stove should match to the quantity of main engine. Generally, it should aim at the visible type characteristics, airing equipment condition, target hour output, dryer materials’ nature to desigl the model of hot blast heater. Because the hot blast heater’s ability is too big, it’s difficult to heat, slow to heat up and big extravagant, it is easy to form “hump” phenomenon, decrease the useful life of fire box; if the ability of hot blast heater is too small, it will not provide enough heat, easy to frame out and difficult to control the temperature. The quality and match condition of hot blast heater is important to the whole dryer efficient energy conservation system.

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