The attention of Impact crusher installation

The installation of impact crusher

  • The vibrate working unit pump of the impact crusher, when install and before trial run, all fastening pieces should be fastened, and they also should be tested rugularly and fastened at any time during prodution and opetation.
  • Pay attention to that the direction of turning of the impact crusher can’t turn back.
  • After the installation of the motor of the impact crusher, it should equip the protective cover of the driving belt at installation circumstance.
  • It should turn down the space of the impact board and hammer in accordance with the job demand, turn the rotor many times with the hand after the adjustment and test if there’s impact. After finishing the adjustment, it should lock the turnbuckle to prevent the mutual impact of the loose nut that drop gradually after the vibration of the impact board and hammer, and make accident.
  • Because the discharge hole of the impact crusher is at the bottom, it should consider well of the height of the installation and how to match the feed and discharge equipments.

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