Development trend of minging machine

China’s mining machine industry from the development process, The entire industry did not experience long-term accumulation and development process, but with the reform and opening up the advance of urbanization and to promote China’s fast becoming a mining equipment manufacturing country.
The lack of accumulation process, the development model to follow blindly, The old business model and so can only be China’s crusher machine manufacturing country, but from the power of mining equipment is still a long way to go hammer crusher.
High value-added mining industries is a focus of current international economic competition, The development of crusher equipment manufacture industry is export-oriented economy, enhance the international competitiveness of the strategic choice. A new growth point, prompting industry to re-return to the era of rapid development.
With the mining machine for example;for exploit energy is more and more difficult in China. Mining depth is also increase gradually. Extending from land to sea, the condition of Resources exploitation is deteriorating. Thus leading to the main have also occurred, How to ensure safety of exploitation of mineral resources, mining machine become a critical issue. In this device depend on production technology and innovation to achieve the product of intelligent, electronic, global, non-group-oriented and automated unattended face or underground mining is hazardous mining development. The realization of these technical indicators are just a product of high value-added integration.

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