The application of Impact crusher in limestone crushing process

The geology structure situation of Ningxia in China shows that it’s advantage the energy mineral and nonmetal mineral to be formed. In Ningxia people already found many different kinds of mineral resources almost 50 types. The places almost thousand. The storage of D step above mineral places more than 110. These mineral have large reserves,good quality,easy to exploit. The abundant storage include coal,limestone,gypsum,silex,barite etc. About limestone crushing process, first choice is FDM company Impact crusher.
The limestone is kind of sedimentary rock which consist of calcite. The limestone can process to be stone directly or fire to be quicklime. The lime has quicklime and white lime. The lime and limestone apply to building material in a large number. Also is the most important material for many industries. During the process of lime, most material need to crush, in order to do the next step. FDM engineer warn that causes of affecting material crushing system there are a lot, so analysis correctly and in control of each factor which is very important for selecting economic reasonable crushing system. Because limestone belong to soft material, FDM impact stone crusher is the best choice. The crushing cavity of impact crusher machine can accept big size material and make it got crushed, and won’t compact material,this limestone crusher won’t full load.

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