The application of Floatation process in mineral

Floatation process is a complicated mineral process. The effect factor divide into unable adjustment factor, raw ore character and water quality and able adjustment factor, floatation flow, ore grinding fineness, ore pulp density, ore pulp PH value, floatation reagent system. In the floatation process,the mineral’s ups and downs is unrelated with the mineral density, such as chalcopyrite and quartz, the chalcopyrite density is 4.2, the quartz density is 2.68. But the heavy mineral chalcopyrite is easy float upward,the quartz opposite down to the bottom. According to research, the floatability of mineral relate with the its compatibility with water. If the mineral compatibility with water is big,easily to be wet, then will be hard to float upward. If the mineral compatibility with water is small, hard to be wet, then easy to float upward. So floation is base on mineral if easy to be wet as standard. At present the floatation process, floatation reagent is applied especially important. Cause the floatation reagent can change the compatibility of mineral floatation, then achieve the beneficiation purpose. During the floatation beneficiation process, in general will need floatation cell. Nickel ore, copper ore, gold ore and other ore will use floatation method.

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