Advantage of hematite magnetic separator in hematite ore beneficiation plant

The hematite magnetic separator mainly used for fine-grained non-ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral purification, such as cassiterite feldspar, andalusite, sillimanite,Quartz sand, zircon and other minerals purification. Intensity magnetic separator machine for magnetite particle size less than 3mm, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials, but also for coal, iron work, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials.

The main function of intensity magnetic separator: the removal of miscellaneous stone, improve quality and achieve sales. Used for Manganese poor, poor limonite, hematite poor weakly magnetic ferrous metal ores or ore sorting cleaning, the ore concentrate and miscellaneous stone in separation, thereby enhancing the metal grade concentrates.

Strong magnetic separator magnetic system, using high-quality ferrite material or composite made with rare earth magnets, tube sheet average magnetic induction intensity of 100-600mT. According to user needs, can provide a variety of different table strong magnetic downstream, semi-counter, and so on. The separator has a simple structure, large capacity, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

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