Solutions for high temperature oil shutdown of cone crusher

The multi-cylinder cone crusher is equipped in the fine crushing section of a mine crushing operation area, which has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency and low failure rate. However, the phenomenon of excessively high lubricating oil temperature during the production process, even when the fan cooler is running In the case, the temperature is still greater than 50 ° C, which causes the viscosity of the lubricating oil to decrease, and the pressure of the lubricating oil to be less than 140kPa, which causes the equipment to stop, which not only affects the operation rate, but also affects the production schedule. In this article, Fodamon engineers shared 7 reasons and solutions for the abnormally high cone oil breakage temperature and abnormal shutdown.

1. The lubricating oil in the oil tank is too dirty and the service time is too long.
The cone crusher generally uses Mobil super gear oil (600xp150) as the lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil change cycle is 2000h. If it exceeds 2000h, the viscosity and other indexes of the lubricating oil will be seriously reduced, too many impurities in the oil will cause the decline of the lubricating quality, and the internal wear of the crusher, which will cause the crusher to overheat, and the return oil temperature of the lubricating oil is too high.
In this regard, the lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter element shall be replaced immediately, the oil tank shall be cleaned, the service cycle of lubricating oil shall be formulated, and the lubricating oil shall be replaced at the same time when the lining plate is replaced.
In addition, the impurities on the filter screen in the lubricating oil tank shall be checked and cleaned frequently, and further maintenance shall be determined according to the impurities of the filter screen.

2. The blower does not operate normally and the air filter element is not replaced in time.
The function of the blower is to introduce air into the crusher, keep the pressure inside the crusher, and reduce the dust entering the bearing and lubricating oil inside the crusher.
The blower of the cone crusher is started at the same time as the lubricating oil pump, i.e. when the lubricating pump is started, the blower starts automatically. If the blower is not started, relevant technicians shall be arranged immediately for handling.
In actual operation, when the blower of the cone crusher is started, it will display green in the corresponding computer operation interface, and red when it stops. The operator can determine the operation of the blower according to this, so as to arrange maintenance in time.

3. The counterweight guard is seriously worn.
The crushed ore particles will wear the U-shaped oil seal and T-shaped oil seal of the main frame of the crusher. The damage of the two oil seals will first lead to the leakage of lubricating oil, and then lead to the entry of ore powder particles into the lubricating system, making the lubricating oil dirty. The long time will cause the wear of various parts inside the crusher, resulting in the abnormal temperature rise of the crusher.
In this regard, each time the lining plate is replaced, the T-shaped oil seal of the moving cone shall be checked, and the damaged one shall be replaced in time. Every month, relevant technicians shall be arranged to enter the lower part of the cone crusher to check the counterweight guard plate. If the counterweight guard plate is found to be seriously worn, the cone shall be disassembled. When replacing the counterweight guard plate, the wear of the U-shaped oil seal of the main frame shall be checked at the same time, and the oil seal shall be replaced if necessary.

4. The running current setting of crusher is unreasonable.
The running current of the cone crusher is set at 30-35a. If the current is too high, the cone load will be too high, which will cause the temperature of the cone and the lubricating oil to rise; if the current is too low, and the clearance of the ore discharge port is too large, the crushing efficiency will be low.
In this regard, the gap of crusher should be adjusted properly according to the load of crusher, the material level should be controlled at 300 mm above the distributing plate, and the operating current should be controlled at 30-35 a, so as to give full play to the working efficiency of crusher and not cause overload operation of crusher.

5. Insufficient cooling strength.
The original configuration of the cone crusher is air cooling. In practical application, especially when the temperature is high in summer, the cooling strength is insufficient.
Through analysis, in addition to regularly cleaning the dust and other impurities on the air-cooled radiator to ensure that the air-cooled radiator can play its role to the maximum extent, the technicians control the temperature of the lubricating oil by adding a water-cooled radiator between the oil outlet pipe of the lubricating oil pump and the air-cooled radiator, which is far greater than the specific heat capacity of the lubricating oil.

6. The contact surface between the spherical surface of the moving cone and the spherical bush, the upper and lower bushes of the moving cone and the eccentric shaft bushes are seriously worn.

The contact surface between the moving cone sphere and the spherical bush, the upper and lower bushes of the moving cone, and the eccentric shaft bushes are severely worn. In addition, the upper and lower bushes of the moving cone are respectively matched with the bowl shaped Bush bracket and the eccentric shaft bush, and the eccentric shaft bush is matched with the main shaft. If there is point contact, the contact surface is irregular, and the wear is serious, it is easy to cause the crusher to overheat, resulting in the increase of the oil temperature, and even the burning of the copper bush To spindle wear and other accidents.
Therefore, when the upper and lower bushings of the moving cone or the eccentric shaft bushings are in failure, they must be ground. If they are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time.
The upper thrust bearing is made of copper, and the original oil groove depth is 11mm. When the oil groove depth is less than 9.7mm due to wear, the lubricating oil will be insufficient. The main function of lubricating oil is cooling, and the secondary function is lubrication. The insufficient oil will weaken the cooling bearing function, causing the crusher to overheat and the oil temperature to rise.
Therefore, when checking the upper thrust bearing, vernier caliper can be used to measure the depth of oil groove, when the depth of oil groove is less than 9.7mm The upper thrust bearing must be replaced. The lower thrust bearing is made of steel with relatively small wear.

7. The axial clearance of horizontal shaft is too small or the inner and outer bushings of transmission shaft are worn, resulting in irregular contact surface.
According to relevant regulations, the axial clearance of the cone crusher is 0.8-1.5mm. If it is too small, the lubricating oil temperature will be too high. At this time, it is difficult to change the axial clearance until the copper sleeve of the standard horizontal shaft is worn. If it is determined that the copper sleeve inside and outside the horizontal shaft is worn after a series of inspections, the horizontal shaft shall be removed and the copper sleeve shall be replaced. As shown in below image.

The parts of cone crusher are expensive, the purchase cycle and repair time of parts are long. In case of major accidents, it not only costs a lot of maintenance costs, but also seriously affects the mine production. Knowing the possible conditions, causes and corresponding treatment measures of the equipment in advance can ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment more effectively.

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