Difference between fixed crushing and mobile crushing

According to the degree of fixation of crushing equipment and foundation, mine crushing equipment can be roughly divided into two categories, mobile crusher and fixed crushing station, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these equipment in detail will greatly benefit your choice of equipment . Fodamon engineers analyze for you as follows:

◆  Mobile crushing station

Fodamon mobile crushing station integrates feeding, crushing and conveying, and adopts track or tire for walking. It can adjust its position at any time along with the movement of working face in the stope or construction site.

1. Advantages
1.1 The length of the mobile crushing station is short. On the independent movable chassis installed by different crushing equipment, the wheelbase is short and the turning radius is small, which can be flexibly driven in the ordinary highway and operation area.
1.2 Equipped with main equipment with excellent performance, it has large crushing ratio, high efficiency, larger output and excellent effect. It is an ideal crushing pioneer.
1.3 Mature design scheme creates a green and pollution-free broken environment.
1.4 The centralized lubrication system is adopted to make the maintenance and repair more convenient, which can save a lot of labor and time costs.

2. Disadvantages
The use of updated technology and better manufacturing process leads to higher equipment costs.

◆  Fixed crushing equipment

1. Advantages
The fixed crushing station is connected to the ground with a permanent fixed foundation, and the equipment has a stable foundation for operation. It can be permanently used after completion.

2. Disadvantages
Its disadvantages mainly lie in the complexity of design and installation, and the long construction period of the project, which should not be adjusted after completion.

In general, the mobile crushing station is self-driving in terms of its own walking ability. The typical walking mode is tire type and crawler type. It can flexibly move at the production site, which is its unique advantage. The fixed crushing equipment can be used for a long time and stable outside the stope because of its solid foundation, but it is also inconvenient because it is not suitable for adjustment in the later period.

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