Selection of sand and ore washing equipment

The function of sand washing equipment is summarized as follows by Fodamon Engineer:

A. Sand and stone washing operation can prevent the ore bin, chute, hopper, crushing and screening equipment from being blocked, which will reduce the processing capacity of crushing and screening equipment. When the blockage is serious, the production cannot be carried out normally.

B. Some ores, such as sedimentary manganese ore, Apatite Ore and iron oxide ore, can enrich useful minerals and obtain qualified concentrate through ore washing.

C. Through ore washing, the limestone can remove the ore shake and improve the quality to meet the smelting requirements, such as Chuanshan limestone mine, Wulongquan Limestone Mine, etc. There are many kinds of sand and stone washing equipment, such as cylinder ore washing machine, scrubbing machine with screen, trough scrubbing machine, hydraulic ore washing screen, etc. In addition, various screening equipment (such as fixed bar screen, roller screen, vibrating screen, etc.) and spiral classifier can also be used for ore washing.

Operation principle of sand and stone washing:

Sand and stone washing is a process of using hydraulic or mechanical force to scrub the ore cemented by clay or containing more mud, so as to break the ore, wash the fine mud on the ore surface and separate it. For placers and ores with deep oxidation and weathering, ore washing is a necessary preparation before ore crushing or beneficiation. Sand and stone washing can avoid the argillaceous matter in the muddy mineral raw materials from blocking the crushing equipment and screening equipment. If the raw materials contain soluble useful or harmful components, they should also be washed. According to the difficulty of removing slime from ore, it can be divided into difficult to wash, medium washable and easy to wash, which are mainly related to the nature, content and existing state of clay in ore. Ore washing can be carried out in scrubbing machine or screening and classification equipment.

Common sand and stone washing equipment include:

① Hydraulic ore washing screen. The ore washing method using water gun to wash on the fixed bar screen is used for easily washed ores.
② Barrel washer. Including cylinder screen and cylinder scrubbing machine. The rotating speed of the cylindrical screen is high, and the inner wall of the screen barrel is equipped with a longitudinal lifting plate, an annular baffle and a high-pressure water spray device to improve the crushing and dispersing capacity, which is used for easy ore washing.

③ Cylinder scrubbing machine. The cylinder is divided into two sections. The front section has no holes for soaking and crushing ore, and the rear section has holes for mud and stone separation.
Spiral stone washer. It is commonly used for refractory ores and has strong scrubbing effect. The efficiency of sand and stone washing can be improved by pre soaking the ore, setting high-pressure water spray, applying vibration, and adding a small amount of reagents (such as 1% NaOH). The efficiency of sand and stone washing has a great influence on mineral processing.

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