Problems of China mining machinery at present

At present China mining machinery industry has two problems: first, the overall strength of the mining machinery industry is not strong, the majority of enterprises in scientific research, new product development, technological innovation and business management, energy and capital investment are at a standstill. The variety kind of product, especially the key to nation-building much-needed equipment can not meet the requirement , and there is a low technology products, value-added products is not high, unstable product quality, labor productivity is low and other issues. Caused the produced growth and profit growth did not match in China’s mining machinery manufacturing enterprises. Second, product variety, technology, quality, service, etc. problems, led to the mining machinery industry has a low actual contribution rate to mine. For example the metallurgical and mining, currently there are 1180 kinds of equipment are used, but in our country only 26 percent self-sufficiency. And mostly are low-tech and quality is less demanding equipment, and the remaining 74% still need to import. Domestic equipment especially the high technology mobile equipment, such as mining vehicles, excavators, scrapers, etc, and there is a large gap between the imported equipment. But our country’s jaw crushermetal crushermobile crushercone crusherhammer crusherball mill, fine crusher, composite crusher and so on are very well.
To this end, the exports proposed the means of improve the mining machinery industry innovation: first, the mining machinery manufacturing industry should be taken with foreign companies and professional design institutes to establish different forms of joint, including the formation of groups, unions, the introduction of technology, introduction of talent, the first intervention and then increase, so win-win situation.

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