Maintenance of Mining machinery industry

As China’s construction machinery maintenance industry professional organization, the China construction machinery industry association, construction machinery maintenance branch feel their responsibility of the industry. Through its efforts in recent years, maintenance of the exchange of information within the industry have started in the right direction, they hope to some of the more targeted work to make this process can be accelerated. Implementation of measures in the maintenance branch, the construction machinery maintenance experts group is the core content, and the generation of exports members is a top priority. June 29,2011 by the maintenance branch, construction machinery and maintenance magazine sponsored, Guangzhou construction machinery accessories guild maintenance technology profession committee undertake, the “2011 China construction machinery maintenance technology summit and the second session of the China construction machinery technical service exports review meetings”, opened in southern flower city – Guangzhou. It attracts more than 130 across the country’s elite of engineering machinery maintenance industry to join. In the course of the two-day meeting, first carried out a keynote speech, and the theme is repair market development. To introduce the mine crusher machineball mill and other development prospect of mining machinery. This time, the evaluation exports from all over the country’s construction machinery industry, a total of 41. It refer to crusher, ball mill, rotary dryerrotary kiln and other mining machinery, specific content focused on mining equipment and so on. The atmosphere is very warm, the people of reviewed was just finished, someone immediately raise their own question. Different with 2010, the problem was not posed by export review group, but by the scene the audience raised. This is the meeting to be achieved, by exchange each other, and in exchange to enhance the level of maintenance personnel.

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