Jaw Crusher’s Transmission Mechanism

The movement of movable jaw plate of jaw crusher is achieved with eccentric rod and thrust plate, which is composed of flywheel, eccentric shaft, connecting rod, front thrust plate and after the thrust plate (known as brackets). Two flywheels were installed at both ends of the eccentric shaft. Eccentric shaft supports in the bearing of rack on the wall. The upper rod mounts on the eccentric shaft, one end of the front and after the thrust plate supports on the groove of the thrust plate bearing of the lower part of both sides of the connecting rod, the other side of the front trust plate supports on the thrust plate bearing of the lower moving jaw, the other end of the after thrust plate supports on thrust plate bearing of wall rack. When the motor rotates through pulley drived by the eccentric shaft, the connecting rod moves up and down, so as to drive the thrust plate movement, and makes the formed angle of the front thrust plate and after the thrust plate change continuously and promote the moving jaw movement. To make the moving jaw plate swing back and forth around the suspension axis, thus crush ore. When the moving jaw swings forward, the horizontal bar through the spring balances the inertia force which generated by the moving jaw and thrust plate, to make the moving crusher‘sjaw and thrust plate combinat closely, not separate. When the moving jaw retreats, the spring can also assist.

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