Introduction of different kind of cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher has two kinds: single-cylinder and multi-cylinder,at present, China has been finalized for the single-cylinder’s. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, since the safety device and the adjusting device of port of discharge have made significant changes, therefore it has a quite large differences from the spring type and multi-cylinder hydraulic type on the mechanical structure, but in the crushing work principle is identical.

Cone crusher

Present our country has manufactured several models of series of products of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher machine. Although it has still some problems in practice, such as oil spills caused by lax oil cylinder seal, etc. with the continuous improvement of machinery manufacturing industry, these issues can be resolved. At the same time, compared with the spring type, it has the features of small quality and volume, simple structure, convenient adjustment of discharge port, reliable over iron insurance, sensitive hydraulic system, easy to realize automatic control and so on. Therefore it has great development prospects.

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