Is high content of stone powder cause of sand making machine?

Compared with natural sand, artificial sand has many advantages, such as higher adhesion, wide sources of raw materials, lower cost and lighter quality. However, machine-made sand also has its own disadvantages, one of which is that the stone powder content of machine-made sand will be too high. Then, is the high content of stone powder in machine-made sand the “reason” for the sand making machine? How to control it? Fodamon engineer will answer for you.

一、 Factors affecting the content of machine-made sand and stone powder

  1. Brittleness of materials: brittle materials are easy to break, but due to their high brittleness, they are prone to over crushing, resulting in more spilled stone powder, such as limestone. Materials with high hardness have strong compression resistance, less over crushing, and less associated stone powder, such as pebbles.
  2. Feeding and feeding: the feeding particle size is large, the crushing ratio is high, the sand making is difficult, and more stone powder will be produced; the feeding amount is large, the vibration force of the vibrating feeder is strong, the working load of the sand making machine is heavy, the impeller speed is high, the material movement is intense, and more stone powder will be produced.
  3. Type of sand making machine: the sand making principle of the sand making machine includes stone striking stone and stone striking iron, and can also be mixed with stone striking stone and stone striking iron. Stone striking stone is suitable for materials with high abrasivity above medium hard, but there is a little more stone powder. The stone striking iron principle is suitable for crushing materials with low abrasivity below medium hard, and the amount of stone powder is relatively small.

二、 Content control method of machine-made sand and stone powder

(1) Secondary screening: dry screening is adopted in the secondary screening workshop, and the stone powder is screened out by stone powder vibrating screen to control the content of stone powder. After screening, the stone powder less than 0.16mm can be directly packaged and stored.

(2) Selected sand making machine: ordinary sand making machine adopts a single stone beating stone sand making principle, and the stone powder content of sand making products is high, while VSI and 5X sand making machine adopts both stone beating stone and stone beating iron sand making principles, which can effectively reduce the stone powder content of finished machine-made sand.

(3) Configuration of sand washer: the sand washer equipment can clean the excess stone powder, soil and impurities in the manufactured sand. It has the characteristics of good cleaning effect, less loss of medium and fine powder and small water consumption. It can effectively reduce the stone powder content in the manufactured sand and improve the quality of the finished product.

(4) Installation of stone powder collector: the pulse bag dust collector can recover the spilled stone powder during material screening. The sewage after sand washing machine will be discharged to the sedimentation tank, and the fine sand recovery machine can centrally recover and utilize the fine sand and stone powder in the sedimentation tank.

三、 How much is a high quality sand making machine?

For the price of high-quality sand making machine equipment, you also need to consult Fodamon personnel. Professional engineers design the sand making and crushing production line scheme for you according to your actual situation, and give you an accurate quotation.

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