Can coal gangue be used to make sand?

Coal reserves, production and consumption are very large. With the substantial development and utilization of coal, more and more coal gangue solid waste is discharged in the process of coal mining and coal washing. Coal gangue randomly stacked at the wellhead of coal mine seriously pollutes the atmosphere, land and water source. Sand making from coal gangue is a good way to turn waste into treasure and recycle it. So, can coal gangue sand meet the requirements of sand? Which kind of coal gangue sand making machine is good? Fodamon engineer will answer the following questions for you.

一、 Sand making from coal gangue meets the requirements of sand use

  1. Advantages of coal gangue sand compared with natural sand

① As a raw material for sand making, coal gangue has large reserves and is easy to obtain, and the government supports its development and utilization;

② Coal gangue is angular and sharp, and contains more needle flakes and coarser, so the manufactured sand has better adhesion;

③ Natural sand is a fixed fineness modulus with multiple gradations, which is not controlled by human factors, while the fineness modulus of coal gangue can be controlled and adjusted through production process according to the needs of actual use.

  1. The sand made from coal gangue meets the sand use standard

The hardness value of coal gangue is about 3, and the compressive strength ranges from 300 to 4700pa. The long-term production practice shows that coal gangue is not useless waste. As long as the coal gangue is not excessively weathered, it can be made into sand after crushing, and the sand can meet the sand standard for construction.

二、 Complete styles of coal gangue sand making machine

  1. 5X and VSI coal gangue sand making machine: it adopts the sand making principle of mixing stone and iron. It mainly makes sand and reshapes the coal gangue. The deep cavity impeller design increases the output by 30%. The finished product has good particle shape, cube shape and low needle sheet content. The feed particle size is ≤ 45mm and the output is 70-585t / h. It is suitable for large coal gangue sand making plants.
  1. Coal gangue fine crushing and sand making machine: it can crush and make sand through the plate hammer impact of the rotor, which can be finely crushed and formed at one time, and the product particle size less than 5mm can reach more than 85%. The castor bar and hammer head are made of new composite materials with long service life. The feed particle size is ≤ 190mm and the output is 10-310 T / h. It is suitable for small and medium-sized coal gangue sand making plants.
  2. Double roll crusher for sand making: extrusion crushing is carried out through the rotation of two rollers. The driving device is composed of two motors, which can crush and make sand, which simplifies the coal gangue sand making process and reduces the production and investment cost. The feed particle size is ≤ 30mm, the discharge particle size is 2-10mm, and the output is 5-110 T / h. It is suitable for small and medium-sized coal gangue sand making plants.
  3. Composite crusher for sand making: referred to as composite crusher for short, also known as vertical shaft sand making machine and composite crusher. It adopts the working principle of stone beating, has the effects of fine crushing and coarse grinding, has large crushing ratio, no screen strip setting, and is less affected by the moisture content of materials. Feed particle size: 50-100mm, production capacity: 5-100t / h, suitable for small and medium-sized coal gangue sand making plants.
  4. Small hammer crusher for sand making: also known as hammer breaking machine and hammer crusher, it has a special structure. It is equipped with high chromium plate hammer, with adjustable discharge particle size and good environmental protection performance. It can make sand and shape at one time, make production in place in one step, and has the effect of “setting the tone with one hammer”. The output is 3-55t / h and the motor power is 11-90kw. It is suitable for small coal gangue sand making plants.

三、 How much is a coal gangue sand making machine?

For the price of coal gangue sand making machine, you also need to consult Fodamon personnel. Professional engineers design the sand making and crushing production line scheme for you according to your actual situation, and give you an accurate quotation.

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