How to choose the suitable iron remover?

The iron remover is divided into permanent magnet iron remover and electromagnetic iron remover, which are generally used together with belt conveyor or feeder, and sometimes connected with pipeline. How to choose the best iron removal equipment according to different materials and different production environment is also a problem we consult more. Today, Fodamon engineer will focus on the selection method used together with the belt conveyor.

What should we pay attention to when selecting the type of iron separator? The following points should not be ignored:

一. When selecting the iron remover, the user must first consider the bandwidth, belt speed and inclination of the conveying belt, the nature, humidity, particle size and thickness of the material, the amount of iron in the material, the particle size and nature of ferromagnetic materials, iron removal requirements, operating environment (temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive, etc.), the characteristics of the iron remover itself, installation location and space, etc.

二. When there is a large amount of iron in the material, the self unloading electromagnetic iron remover, self unloading permanent magnet iron remover, permanent magnet roller and electromagnetic roller with continuous and automatic iron removal shall be selected.

三. When the iron content in the material is small, permanent magnet iron remover and electromagnetic iron remover shall be selected.

四. When there are very few ferromagnetic substances in the material, metal detector, strong magnetic self unloading electric and permanent magnet iron remover shall be used together to achieve automatic monitoring and automatic iron removal, which has the characteristics of power saving, energy saving, long service life and good iron removal effect.

五. When the suspended electric and permanent magnet iron remover is used, if the material is too thick, it can be used together with the non-magnetic idler to improve the cleaning rate, and the suspension height can be appropriately reduced to achieve the ideal iron removal effect.

六. When the operating environment (such as dust, smoke and dust) is serious, electromagnetic iron remover and permanent magnetic iron remover with fully sealed structure shall be selected.

七. When the material contains non-magnetic metal materials that cannot be adsorbed by the iron remover, the metal detector shall be selected to detect the metal, and the iron shall be removed manually after automatic shutdown and alarm.

八. When the user uses chute, pipeline, chain plate machine, elevator and other equipment to transport materials instead of conveyor belt, pipeline permanent magnet iron remover shall be used.

九. For occasions with high iron removal requirements, if the suspension height is required to be greater than the rated suspension height, or the material thickness is greater than the rated thickness, iron removers larger than this specification or multistage iron removal shall be selected.

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