Dry Process Steel Slag Beneficiation Process

Main Steps: Ball milling gravity classification, Micro powder capture, Magnetic separation

Main Equipment: Ball mill, Dry magnetic separator, Bag filter, etc

Processing materials:
Waste steel slag and primary slag steel, in particular, use crude slag steel with a Fe content of 30 to 60% and a particle size of 10 to 300 mm as raw materials to produce high-quality scrap with a Fe content of > 90%.

Steel slag dry beneficiation process flow
1. Grinding: in the air swept ball mill, the coarse slag steel with the particle size of 10-300 mm is put into the air swept ball mill for ball milling. In the grinding process, the negative pressure wind power operation is used, the wind pressure is 2-10 kPa, and the air volume is 1000-5000 m3 / h. t slag steel. While grinding, the negative pressure is used to suck the slag powder away, forcing the slag and steel to separate. The first separation result is that the slag with the particle size of 0-100 mm and the Fe content is greater than 90% The first is slag powder with particle size of 0-1mm.

2. Gravity classification: gravity classification is carried out in the settling box. The slag powder with the particle size of 0-1mm is separated from the air swept ball mill and then enters the settling box for gravity classification. The slag powder with the particle size of 0-0.1mm enters the micro powder capture system. The slag powder with large weight and large proportion enters the dry magnetic separator. After magnetic separation, the tailings with the metal iron content less than 0.8% enter the dry magnetic separator The other part is the iron concentrate powder.

3. Micro-powder catching: The micro-powder catching is carried out successively in the cyclone dust collector and the bag-type dust collector. The slag powder with a small weight separated by gravity and a particle size of 0 ~ 0.1mm enters the cyclone dust collector, of which the particle size is less than 0.074 mm slag powder is captured and collected into the high-efficiency steel slag micropowder bin, the smaller slag powder enters the bag-type dust collector, and the slag powder with a particle size of less than 0.045mm is also captured and collected into the high-efficiency steel slag micropowder finished product bin. The wind pressure used is 1 ~ 3KPa.

Investment prospect analysis
The steel slag beneficiation process uses a closed-loop production process. Through screening, negative pressure ball milling, dry magnetic separation and wind classification, four high-efficiency, high-quality and high-value-added products are obtained, that is, iron content. More than 90% of high-quality scrap steel that can be used for steelmaking, high-grade iron fine powder for ironmaking, fine powder of steel slag used as a highly active admixture of cement and concrete, and steel slag asphalt concrete surface layer for high-grade highway pavement Aggregate. It has truly achieved zero discharge of steel slag and thoroughly solved the pollution of steel slag to the environment.

Above is dry process steel beneficiation process. We also have a wet steel slag beneficiation process. Which is more suitable for you? For more information on the complete set of equipment for steel slag beneficiation, please consult Fodamon engineers for free.

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