Advantages Of Coal Gangue Sand Making

Coal gangue is a solid waste discharged during coal mining and coal washing. It is a dark gray rock with lower carbon content and harder than coal. However, coal gangue is not a useless waste. After a series of processing, it can be made into machine-made sand for use in railways, highways, construction and other industries. With the shortage of natural sand, the hot sand of mechanism, and the recycling of resources, coal gangue has gradually attracted attention.

Characteristic analysis of coal gangue sand making
1. Raw materials: Coal gangue has relatively large domestic reserves, low carbon content and high hardness. It can be seen in places such as beaches and river embankments.
2. Processing: coal gangue is easy to mine. After crushing and sand making, the finished product has uniform particle size and strong plasticity.

3. Appearance: the aggregate made of coal gangue has clear and sharp edges and corners, and contains many needles and flakes, which are rough.
4. Fineness modulus: There are multiple grades of fineness modulus of natural aggregate, which is fixed and cannot be controlled artificially. The fineness modulus of aggregate produced by coal gangue is adjustable and can be obtained through different processes Control and mass production.

5. Performance: the aggregate made of coal gangue has better adhesion and compression resistance. When burning bricks, the use of combustibles of gangue itself can also save coal.

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