Beneficiation process of mirror iron ore

Mirror iron ore equipment include main products such as Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, vertical impact crusher crusher, cone bearing ball park energy efficient, vibrating screen, automatic anti-sand Spiral pole machine, high efficiency flotation machine, mining stirred tank feeder, concentrator, mine hoist, mine conveyor, pre-water into a ball plate, spiral chute, dressing shaker, washing machines and other equipment. The following flow chart iron ore lens in the device name as follows: the original ore – Crusher – Vibrating Screen – ball mill – grading machine – magnetic separator – dryer.

Hematite iron ore mirrors a subspecies. Often isolated sheet-like polymer film collection or roses. Steel gray to iron black. Strong with shiny metallic luster. Because often containing magnetite particles and a magnetic inclusions. For smelting iron and steel.

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