Beneficiation process of manganese ore

Most are poor and Chinese manganese ore beneficiation must deal with. However, most of the manganese ore is a fine, or embedded micro-fine cloth, and a considerable number of high phosphate, high iron and total (with) wholesome metal, and the euqipment still include jaw crusher,ball mill very difficult to bring mineral processing. At present, the commonly used method for manganese ore dressing machinery election (including washing, sieving, gravity separation, high intensity magnetic separation and flotation), and the fire for enrichment, chemical processing method.
1. Washing and screening
Washing is to use water to wash or scrub additional mechanical separation of ore and clay. Commonly used devices are washing sieve, cylinder washing machine washing machine and trough. Washing operations often associated with screening, such as the shaker directly flush cleaning or washing machine available ore (net mine) sent shaker screening. Screening as an independent operation, separation of different size and grade of product supply to use for different purposes.
2. Re-election
Re-elect the current structure, used only for sorting simple, containing coarser cloth of manganese ore, especially for the oxidation of high density manganese ore. Common methods of heavy media beneficiation, ore dressing and shaking jig beneficiation. At present, China dealing with oxidation of manganese in the process, the general is broken ore to 6 ~ 0 mm or 10 ~ 0 mm, and then grouped for jigging coarse level and fine level of delivery shaking election. Equipment mostly Haz reciprocating jig and 6 – S-type shaker.
3. High Intensity Magnetic Separation
Manganese mineral is weakly magnetic minerals than the susceptibility X = 10 * 10 -6 ~ 600 * 10 – 6 cm 3 / g in the magnetic field intensity Ho = 800 ~ 1600 kA / m (10000 ~ 20000 oe) of the strong magnetic field sorting machine can be recovered, the general can improve the grade of 4% Manganese 10%. As the magnetic separation of simple and easy to control, adaptability, can be used for sorting a variety of manganese ore, manganese ore dressing in recent years has been dominated. New types of coarse, medium and fine magnetic machine has been developed and successfully. Currently, the domestic application of manganese is the most common particle strong magnetic separator, coarse and fine intensity magnetic separator is gradually applied, micro-fine intensity magnetic separator is still in the testing stage.
4. Re – Magnetic
Currently has been converted into a new and important – magnetic separation plant has Fujian Lin Shing, Guangxi lead, manganese mines Jingxi and lower. If Liancheng weight – magnetic separation plant, dealing mainly with leaching oxide ore, with AM-30 jig handle 30 ~ 3mm of washed ore, manganese available to over 40% of high-quality manganese ore, and then After handling impurities selecting, manganese powder can be used as battery materials. Jig tailings and less than 3 mm diameter grinding to clean mine after less than 1 m, with a strong magnetic separator selection, manganese ore grade increased 24% to 25% to 36% ~ 40%.
5. Magnetic – flotation
Currently used magnetic – just Zunyi manganese flotation process. Mine is mainly low manganese carbonate manganese, phosphorus, iron ore. According to industry tests, using rod mill grinding process – milling stage grinding, equipment size are  2100 mm * 3000 mm wet-grinding machine. Intensity magnetic separation with shp-2000-type magnetic machine, flotation machine is mainly used CHF-type inflatable flotation machine. After years of production tests, good performance, very suitable for application in Zunyi manganese ore dressing. Magnetic – flotation successfully tested and applied in production.

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