The development of granite crusher in mineral industry

The granite contains plentiful mineral resources. This is well known of geology chemical industry. But as the fast development of modern industry, base on precise machinery manufacturing industry, the granite is applied as one kind of new material. The granite mainly consist of feldspar and quartz. Because granite is plutonic, and usually could form good and differentiable mineral particle. Thus as known,the granite not easy to be weathered, color looks good, The appearance and color can stay for hundred years above. Because of its high hardness, wear-resistent , apart from applied in senior building decoration project、hall ground, still is the first choice for open-air sculpture.

If the granite apply to these industries more widely, should be processed by professional equipment. First should be broken plastic, FDM granite crusher (Impact crusher) can deal with 100-500mm size below material. The compressive strength can achieve 350 Mpa each soft hard mineral. The figure will form cubic particle. FDM granite stone crusher simple structure, special impact liner,. Hard rock crushing efficiency and energy saving, complete crushing function, high productivity, little parts wear consumption,discharge opening range is adjustable,simplify crushing process, save production cost, and is the first choice of granite,limestone medium hardness material crushing.

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