The brief of impact crusher development

Impact crusher is based on the foreign advanced models, developed a new and efficient impact crusher machine, a variety of materials can be coarse crushing, secondary crusher and fine crushing operations. Impact stone crusher has a unique structure, easy operation, energy efficient; the product was cubic grain shape, size adjustable, optional crushing and other advantages. Widely used in cement, building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, electric power and other industries, especially for highways, railways, nuclear power plants, water conservancy and other special industry aggregates used in construction, such as basalt, andesite, river pebbles, granite and other materials crushing.  You will be encountered abnormal vibration when the crusher machine in use. Only find out the cause of impact crusher abnormal vibration, then to determine a strategy to solve such problems. 1. Oversize materials will cause the abnormal vibration; at this time you should check the feed size to ensure that the materials meet the requirements. 2. Abnormal vibration also caused by the uneven wear, by now it shows that the hammer is not fit to continue to use, and need to be replaced. 3. Rotor imbalance is also one reason to cause the abnormal vibration, in the face of this situation; the rotor needs to be adjusted. 4. Foundation improper handling also can cause abnormal vibration; check the anchor bolts and reinforcement can solve these problems. And FDM also produce drier which working for material drying.

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