The brief of gravity separation in beneficiation

The gravity separation is one of the beneficiation. Gravity separation widely applied to deal with coal, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, precious metals ore, and also could process asbestos and nonmetallic. In order to increase the separation effect of fine particle material, in the gravity separation also can adopt spiral chute, shaking table, centrifuge, hydrocyclone’s centrifugal force field.

The gravity separation utilize the difference of separation mineral particle density,granularity,shape of and the difference of motion rate and direction to make it apart. The gravity separation have heavy medium separation, jigging concentration, shaking table, chute beneficiation, centrifugale separation.

The advantage of gravity separation:
1. The production cost is low.
2. The rang of material granularity is wide, coarse particle about few hundred millimeter, the fine particle reach 0.02mm.
3. Less environmental pollution, product easy to be dewatered

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