Six aspects will lead to jaw crusher production reduction

Jaw crusher is generally used as head crusher in the production line, and its output will directly affect the output of the whole production line. Recently, some users asked why the output of jaw crusher was reduced, which could not meet the factory standard? There are many reasons why this kind of output can not be achieved. Today, Fodamon engineers share the reasons why the output of jaw crusher is not up to standard.

1. Material hardness is unqualified
If the hardness or toughness of the crushed material exceeds the range specified in the instruction manual, the suitable crusher can be replaced or the crusher can be added when it fails to meet the range specified in the instruction manual.

2. Reverse connection of motor wiring position
The motor wiring position is connected reversely, the main engine turns reversely (the moving jaw rotates clockwise), or the motor triangle connection method is connected to the star connection method. If the motor position is connected reversely, the motor wiring can be changed.

3. Discharge port less than specified
The output of jaw crusher fails to meet the factory standard, probably because the discharge port is less than the specified limit. In this case, the discharge port shall be adjusted to the nominal discharge port specified in the specification and the crusher for fine crushing shall be added.

4. Jaw plate displacement
It may be that the jaw plate is displaced, which causes the tooth top to be opposite to the tooth top. At this time, the tooth pitch size of the tooth plate shall be checked immediately. If it does not meet the standard, the jaw plate shall be replaced, and the relative position of the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate shall be adjusted to ensure that after the tooth top is opposite to the tooth root, it is fixed and pressed to prevent displacement.

5. Field voltage too low
If the output of jaw crusher fails to meet the factory standard due to the phenomenon of low voltage on the working site, the voltage on the working site shall be increased to meet the heavy load requirements of the main machine.

6. Relative rotation of bearing outer ring
The clearance between the movable jaw and the bearing is too large after wear, which causes the bearing outer ring to rotate relatively. The bearing or movable jaw should be replaced.

In the next article, we will share several ways to increase the output of jaw crusher.

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