Recycling disposal solutions of construction waste

With the continuous process of urbanization, the city construction waste generation is also growing rapidly. While people are engoying the urban civilization, they are also sufferred by municipal waste, including construction which waste takes up a large proportion, and accounts for 30%~40% of the total garbage. According to some informations, there is a rough statistics to the construction materials waste of the brick-concrete structure, frame construction revealing that, In the construction process of 10,000 square meters, only construction will produce 500 to 600 tons residues. It will reach hundreds of million Tons if including architectural ornament, removal and rebuilding, and construction materials. So how to deal with and reuse of an increasing number of construction waste, has become an important topic by the government departments at all levels and construction waste disposal unit.

Lots of construction waste can be re-used as renewable recources after sorting, removing or crushing. Eg: Scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap wire and various of scrap steel accessories can be re-processing into a variety of steel products after sorting, collecting, and re-melted down. Bamboo wood waste can be used in making of man-made timber. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste can replace sand after crushing, and used for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, hit the concrete layer, etc. and also used to make brick, road brick, lattice brick and other building materials. Therefore, we must insist on comprehensive utilization in construction waste disposal.

In the process of urbanization, rubbish was once the burden of urban development, and many cities in the world once were sieged by rubbish. But today, rubbish is considered to be the most potential for development, inexhaustible “urban mines”, and “misplaced resources.” This is in-depth understanding to the rubbish, and also an essential requirement for urban development.

With the emphasis on environmental issues gradually, energy saving, environmental protection has become a theme of national development, and has begun to provide industrial development opportunities of garbage disposal. the world rubbish increment speed is 8.42% for per year. Renewable resources has become a new starting of resource recycling, and also an important component of the recycling economy. What’s more, it is not only solved the shortage of resources, but also reduced junk emissions during the recycling process to the waste resources and waste material, which can be described as “double benefit.” Governments leaderships have begun to pay great attentions to the landfill construction, and increased investment in it, so we can predict that there is a bright future in waste disposal industry.

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