Problems and solutions in use of vibrating feeder and vibrating screen

Vibrating feeder and vibrating screen are common auxiliary equipment in mine production. There will be some problems in the process of use. Fodamon engineers have summarized some problems and solutions based on years of experience.

The vibrating feeder can send block or granular materials to the receiving equipment uniformly and continuously in production. It is the first process of the whole production line. Afterwards, it is often broken with the jaw crusher. The working efficiency of the vibrating feeder has an important impact not only on the productivity of jaw crusher, but also on the production efficiency of the whole production line.

In the work of the vibrating screen, the vibration of the screen body is used to make the materials loose, layered and thoroughly screened, so as to achieve the purpose of material separation. The screening effect of vibrating screen not only has a great impact on the product value, but also has a direct impact on the efficiency of the next operation.

The feeding speed of the vibrating feeder, the feeding and unloading speed of the vibrating screen have a direct impact on the efficiency of the whole production line. The reasons for the slow feeding of the vibrating feeder, the reasons for the non feeding and non feeding of the vibrating feeder and the solutions are shared below.

*Reasons for slow feeding of vibrating feeder

a. Insufficient chute inclination
Solution: adjust the installation angle. Select the fixed position at both ends of the feeder for raising / lowering according to the site conditions.

b. The included angle of eccentric blocks at both ends of vibration motor is inconsistent
Solution: adjust after checking whether the two vibrating motors are consistent.

c. Consistent vibration direction of vibration motor
Solution: it is necessary to adjust the wiring of any one of the vibrating motors to ensure that the two motors operate in reverse and that the vibration track of the vibrating feeder is straight.

d. Insufficient exciting force of vibration motor
Solution: it can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the eccentric block (the excitation force can be adjusted by adjusting the phase of the eccentric block. One of the two eccentric blocks is fixed and the other is movable. Loosen the bolts of the movable eccentric block. When the phases of the two eccentric blocks coincide, the excitation force is the largest and decreases in turn; during adjustment, ensure that the phase of the eccentric blocks of the same group of motors is consistent).

*No discharging of vibrating screen

a. The screen box of the vibrating screen shall be horizontally level with the water level during installation. If the horizontal level of the screen box is not balanced, the screen surface will shift to a certain extent, and the material cannot flow in a straight line;
b. When the support spring of the screen box is too rigid, it is easy to subject the material to excessive exciting force, resulting in severe vibration. If the support spring is damaged, it will also cause uneven force on the material and abnormal flow;
c. After the screen of vibrating screen is broken for a long time, the material can not flow normally on the screen surface;
d. When the vibrating screen is fed unevenly, the materials cannot be subjected to uniform exciting force, which will also lead to abnormal material flow on the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen.

a. Adjust the horizontal plane of the linear vibrating screen to keep the screen box horizontal;
b. Select the support spring with certain toughness as the support of the linear vibrating screen to avoid the damage of the support spring due to excessive rigidity. Adjust the support spring and replace the damaged spring structure and the damaged screen;
c. Keep the materials fed evenly and continuously, and do not feed too much or too little to cause unbalanced load of the screen box.

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