Precautions for installation of aluminum slag ball mill

The utilization rate of aluminum slag after grinding by ball mill is very high. With the continuous processing of aluminum slag in the market, the application of aluminum slag ball mill is also increasing, and then there are many types of aluminum slag ball mill equipment in the market. The output, price and performance of different equipment are very different. Fodamon engineers in this paper take aluminum slag ball mill as an example.

Aluminum slag ball mill is mainly composed of bearings, rotating parts, transmission parts, lining plates and other parts. However, due to the fact that the installation of ball mill components is not as simple as other equipment, abnormal faults often occur during the operation of the machine due to improper installation, which affects the production capacity of the machine. Therefore, pay more attention when installing components.

a. Installation of lining plate of aluminum slag ball mill

When installing the lining plate of the ball mill, pay attention to remove the internal oil dirt. During installation, ensure that the clearance of the lining plate is not greater than 16mm, and then fix the screw of the lining plate. And pay attention to carefully pad the sealing packing and gasket to prevent the leakage of mineral powder.

b. Installation of bearing part of aluminum slag ball mill

When installing the bearing part of the ball mill, no matter what kind of installation method is adopted, it must be ensured that the machined surface on the bearing chassis should be on the same horizontal plane, and its levelness should be checked with a level gauge or level gauge. The main bearing of the feed end cover must be slightly moved outward from the nominal size of the installation to meet the needs of cylinder elongation due to heat (refers to dry), and the anchor screw holes should not be filled with cement, It should be 300 mm above the upper end of the spiral. Finally, when installing the oil supply device, it is necessary to adjust the gap between the oil scraper and the oil ring to avoid jamming and make the oil supply work smoothly.

c. Installation of transmission part of aluminum slag ball mill

The transmission part is the key installation object of the ball mill. For example, when installing the big and small gears, pay attention to check the parallelism of the center lines of the big and small gears, and its imbalance shall not exceed the standard requirements, as well as the tooth side clearance of the gear, and its value shall be guaranteed to be within the range of 0.4-1.2mm. Finally, pay special attention to that when checking the contact condition of the tooth surface, it should be checked by coloring, and the contact length should not be less than 50% of the tooth length, and the angle height should not be less than 60% of the tooth height.

d. Installation of rotating part of aluminum slag ball mill

When installing the rotating part, the dirt on all connecting and fitting surfaces should be removed first. Secondly, it is not allowed to lift the whole rotating part with the lifting ring on the end cover, and it is not allowed to add any gasket on the contact surface between the barrel flange and the inlet and outlet cover flange (but a layer of lead should be painted before assembly).

During installation, pay attention not to scratch and bruise the working surface of the neck, and when installing the neck, use a level gauge to check, and the horizontal deviation of the center line of the journal at both ends shall not be greater than 5mm. Finally, after everything is installed correctly, proceed to the next step of installation.

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