Impact crusher’s Instruction and introduction

Impact crusher belong to high efficient crushing equipment which has nice features,simple structure,large crushing ratio, low energy consumption,large production capacity,particle size are all average,and the role of selective crushing, is a promising device. The crushing process of impact crusher is:the material enter the the rotor spinning counter-clockwise through the chain curtain ,after a strong impact of the hammer, fly to the first impact board according to tangent by a large speed,and after collision broken ,go back to the direction of the rotor, after a second impact by the hammer,part of the material (mostly small) fly to the first board ,some material from the crushing machine was broken several times,and finally the material achieve the requirement size is discharged from the bottom of crusher. But its biggest drawback is that board hammer and back impact plate are particularly prone to wear,especially in hard ore crushing ,abrasion is more serious and require frequent replacement.Present,because of the emergence of a number of wear-resistant materials,and in some metal ore dressing plant it has been applied.

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