How to configure sand washing production line for sandy soil?

Sandy soil is a kind of semi evolved sandy soil. It looks loess in appearance, is not easy to bond, and has water permeability. It is one of the building materials. It is mainly used as filling and filling subgrade. In recent years, there is a shortage of construction sand. Sandy soil can also become machine-made sand after mining and washing. It is not difficult to convert sandy soil into finished machine-made sand. Then, how to configure the sand washing production line of sandy soil? How to choose a sand washer? Fodamon engineer will introduce you as follows.

1、 Configuration of sand washing production line for sandy soil

The sand washing production line will be different due to the difference of materials. Generally, the sand washing process is mainly divided into the following two types:

  1. If the material to be cleaned is finished sand without stones, the general configuration of the sand washing production line is: silo → conveyor belt → sand washing machine → fine sand recycling machine → belt conveyor → finished product silo.
  2. If the particle size of the material to be cleaned is large, crushing and sand making treatment shall be carried out. The main configuration of the sand washing machine production line is: vibrating feederjaw crushercone crusher / impact crusher → sand making machinevibrating screen → sand washing machine → fine sand recycling machine.

Because the sandy soil has not completely evolved into rock and the soil is loose, the sand washer is also a process of washing the sandy soil into sand while rotating and cleaning. Therefore, the sand washing production line for sandy soil can eliminate the processes of crushing and sand making, and the simple sand washing production line arranged in front is more suitable. If hard large sandy soil is encountered, appropriate crushing and sand making equipment can be added in combination with the second sand washing production line.

2、 Which is a good sand washing machine for sandy soil?

Sand washing machine is a washing equipment for sand and stone (artificial sand and natural sand). It mostly adopts the method of water washing. It is mainly used to remove impurities (such as dust) from sand products. It is widely used for washing, grading and dehydration of materials in sand quarry, mine, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing plant and other industries. According to its different structure and working principle, sand washing machine can be divided into spiral sand washing machine and wheel bucket sand washing machine.

Wheel bucket sand washer

Wheel bucket sand washing machine has novel sealing structure and reliable transmission device, reasonable structure, large processing capacity, low power consumption, high washing cleanliness and less sand loss in the sand washing process. It is a sand washing equipment with high cost performance. The transmission part of the sand washer is isolated from water and sand. The particle size of the screened sand can be adjusted by changing the screen, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. With high output, wheel bucket sand washing machines can be used in parallel and share a finished product silo.

Spiral sand washer

Spiral sand washing machine is a washing equipment for artificial sand (including natural sand), with a total weight of 4.5-24 tons and a length of 8-11 meters. It can remove impurities covering the sand surface and destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand particles, so as to facilitate dehydration and play the role of high-efficiency sand washing. The spiral sand washing machine has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, low power consumption, clean sand washing, high output, good sealing and adjustable weir plate. The product is efficient, durable and has good cleaning and dehydration effect.

If the above two sand washing machines are compared together, the advantages of screw sand washing machine are more obvious, which are embodied in:

  1. Greater material handling capacity. The principle of sand washing is not to “fish” with a bucket, so its treatment capacity has been greatly improved.
  2. Higher energy utilization. The energy loss caused by wheel bucket lifting is reduced, so that the energy can be better utilized.
  3. Longer service life. The wear of some parts is reduced, there is no need to add screen, and the loss of screen is also reduced.
  4. Better cleaning effect. It takes more time and times to turn the sand in the spiral sand washer for cleaning, and the cleaning effect is better.

3、 How much is sand washing equipment for sandy soil?

For the price of sand washing equipment for sandy soil, you also need to consult Fodamon personnel. Professional engineers design the sand making and crushing production line scheme for you according to your actual situation, and give you an accurate quotation

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