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Mining machinery adopt environmental protection strategy

Date:2015-01-28 08:00:00

As the mining machinery industry has more serious overcapacity, the phenomena that the high pollution and high energy of backward productivity and advanced productivity compete for raw materials and market exist in varying degrees, caused a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution can not be ignored. In terms of the important symbol of a country’s industrial strength----crusher machine, because it plays an important role in national economy so as a major alteration target.

    At present, in our country’s mining machinery industry more mature are mining machinery, beneficiation equipment, crushing machine, grinding machine, sand making machine, ore washing machine, vibrating screen machine, driving machine for mining, mining loading machine, accessory equipment and other equipment. But on the market for small scale mining machinery factory, because of its small production scale, low productivity, coupled with can’t adapt to the supply requirements after the integration of resources, this is the main reason to cause our country’s mining machinery excess production capacity. Long-term business, not only waste a lot of raw materials, but also for energy saving and emission reduction can’t control. Long-term development will not only cause decline in company benefit, but also have adverse consequences for countries implementing energy-saving and emission reduction. As the country put on the agenda of mining machinery industry energy-saving and emission reduction, while eliminate backward production capacity is also a matter of time.
     Aim at the enterprise product structure adjustment and technical innovation, famous mining machinery, crusher machine, sand making machine, mobile crusher manufacturer---FDM in the face of energy-saving and emission reduction and eliminate backward products doing extremely well. We bravely give up on high cost of production, high energy consumption, low production of small type jaw crusher, impact crusher (sand making machine) and other equipment production, and continuously improve the production capacity of large models equipment.


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