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Cracking of large gear ring of ball mill' s causes and solutions

Date:2020-05-04 11:32:56

In the daily production of the ball mill, there will always be some sudden failures, such as the cracking of the large gear ring of the ball mill or the sudden increase in the temperature of the ball mill bearing. Fodamon engineers share the following reasons and solutions.

After long-term operation of the ball mill, if the vibration of the body suddenly increases and the noise becomes louder, it is likely that the ball mill has serious cracks. When the large gear ring of the ball mill shows slight cracks, it should be remedied at any time. Under running conditions, this phenomenon will appear, which is a fatigue crack.

Terms of settlement:
1. If other parts of the large gear ring are intact, only severe cracks appear locally, and local repair can be carried out. Before repair, the steel balls and materials in the ball mill barrel must be unloaded, and then the large gear ring bolts will be loosened to find the crack At the two ends of the large gear, two steel plates with the size of the crack are welded on the facade.
2. If the big gear cracks seriously or even breaks, it is necessary to remove and install a new big gear.



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