Difference between Rod mill and Ball mill

The mill can be divided into ball mill and rod mill according to different purposes. Fodamon engineers share the differences between ball mill and rod mill as follows:

1. Appearance and structure
The shape ratio of the barrels of the two mills is different. The ratio of the length and diameter of the rod mill barrel is generally 1.5-2, and the inner surface of the liner on the end cover is a vertical plane. There are various ratios of the length and diameter of the ball mill, such as those below 2, about 3, and above 4.
In addition, the rotating speed of the barrel of the rod mill is lower than the working speed of the ball mill of the same specification, so that the medium in the rod mill can work in the dump state.

2. Ore discharge mode
Among the ball mills, grid ball mills and overflow ball mills are commonly used (the names come from different structures of the ore discharge department). The rod mill does not use grid plate to discharge ore. There are only two types of overflow type and open type. The diameter of the hollow shaft at the discharge end is generally larger than the ball mill of the same specification.

3. Grinding media
Rod mills usually use steel rods with a diameter of 50mm-100mm as grinding media, while ball mills use steel balls as grinding media. The main difference between the two is the difference in grinding bodies.
The ball of ball mill is in point contact with each other, and the rod of rod mill is in line contact with each other, so their working characteristics are obviously different.

4. Media filling rate
The medium filling rate refers to the percentage of the grinding media in the volume of the mill. For different grinding methods, mill structure, operating conditions and medium shape, the medium filling rate has a suitable range, too high or too low will affect the grinding effect. Usually the filling rate of ball mill is 40% -50%, and that of rod mill is 35% -45%.

In the next section, we will continue to share the differences between ball mill and rod mill.

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